Chemistry Databases


  • ChemExper "The Chemexper Chemical Directory - CCD - is a database which currently lists more than 100 000 chemicals from an international range of suppliers.  You can search the CCD by1 molecular formulas, IUPAC names, common names, CAS numbers, catalogue numbers, substructures or physical characteristics."

  • ChemFinder Chemical databases from CambridgeSoft.  "ChemFinder has been providing free chemical searching to hundreds of thousands of scientists since 1995. This free database provides chemical structures, physical properties, and hyperlinks.

  • ChemIDplus System at the National Library of Medicine

  • NCI Database A valuable site with links to other databases from the Erlanger/Frederick/Bethesda Collaboration

  • NIST Chemistry WebBook Go to the guide first.

  • Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Search Page

  • SIRI MSDS Index  "Search Toxicology Reports here as well."