Botany Links

A Collection of Botany Related URLs A collection of more than 1,400 botanical links which are divided into 18 files by subject (some links appear in more than one file).

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server This WWW server is devoted to information of interest to systematists and other biologists of the organismic kind. Within these pages you will find information about specimens in biological collections, taxonomic authority files, directories of biologists, reports by various standards bodies (IOPI, ASC, SA2000, etc), an archive of the Taxacom, MUSE-L and CICHLID-L listservs), access to on-line journals (including Flora On-line) and information about MUSE and Delta.

Cyberbotanica "A free online botany education resource produced by Lucy Snyder of Indiana University's BioTech Project. This site will probably always be under construction; for now, it contains a mini-chapter on plants and chemotherapy (also still under construction), but other chapters are in the works: plants used in bioremediation, fungi which produce antibiotics, and genetically engineered fruits and vegetables."

GreenLinks A big list of environmental, vegetarian, herbalist, ethnobotanical, etc. information from "Wild Man" Steve Brill.  Definitely worth a look.

CIKARD Center for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture endeavors to collect and preserve the knowledge of farmers and rural peoples about native plants.

Central America's Traditional Plant Medicine Overview covers the history and background of traditional plant medicines in Central America. Discusses techniques of administering medicinal.

Australian Aboriginal Plant Use Explores plants eaten and used for medicinal purposes in various regions of Australia. Find descriptions and drawings of common plant.

Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
Explore propagation methods, cultural and medicinal uses, and descriptions of plants used by early Hawaiian islanders.

Internet Directory for Botany
Resource for finding the botany site you need. Search by geographical area, by category or alphabetically.

Atlas of the Flora of New England
Provides locator maps indicating the range of New England's pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and poaceae.

Garden Gate
Find the derivation of botanical names with this A to Z listing of over a thousand commonly used root words.

Gardening Archive
Find articles on fruits and vegetables, herbs. and ornamentals, bonsai trees, and lawns. Emphasizes plants suitable for cold weather climates.

Native Plants of South Florida
Read articles, view photos, and search the master species list of common and exotic plants native to South Florida's subtropical region.

Resources on wildflowers, including their common and Latin names. With listing of gardens, events and courses by US state.

Explore the Fantastic Forest
National Geographic Online presents a virtual tour of North American forests. Download Shockwave or QuickTime VR to experience the graphics.

NOVA: Warriors of the Amazon
The shamans of the Amazon use the trees and plants in their surroundings to make all the medicines they need.

Kohler's Medicinal Plants
From the botanical standpoint the finest and most useful series of illustrations of medicinal plants.

Links to sites with substantial information on medicinal and poisonous plants, and research pertaining to each.

Contains Herbal Hall, a resource of documents and links to herbal sources.

University of Washington Herb Garden
Check out a huge collection of information on herbs!

Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest
A photo essay on a winter garden.  Beautiful pictures and poetic wording, a must see.