Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

The Herb Research Foundation The Herb Research Foundation (HRF) is a nonprofit research and educational organization focusing on herbs and medicinal plants. Their resources include:

     Over 150,000 scientific articles in our library.
     Up to date information on thousands of herbs.
     Thorough files on traditional use of herbs, plus historical information.
     An international network of scientists, educators, lawyers and consultants, plus business leaders in the fields of natural
     product cultivation and production, importing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing and retailing

Henriette's Herbal Homepage Have you ever gone to a botanical garden in the early spring and just strolled around feeling the sun on your face and thinking how great you feel? Visit this page to regain that feeling.

Foraging With the "Wildman"  An enjoyable and interesting site.  "Wildman" Steve Brill appears to be all things to all persons in foods, environmental concerns, jazz, cooking, chess...  Check out his books Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-So-Wild) Places, (William Morrow Publishers, 1994), and  The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook (Harvard Common Press, April 2002).

Lots of Plant Pics from Southwest School of Botanical MedicineThe photographs and digital images are heavily weighted towards western North America.

Howie Brounstein's Herbal Treats Lots of good stuff here with links to other interesting sites.

Algy's Herb Page "The web's most comprehensive set of herb related links." Whether this is true or not, there are a ton of links. It'll take you all day to see them all.