The Cross Name Index to Medicinal Plants

CRC Press

Author - Anthony R. Torkelson, Ph.D.


Researchers of medicinal plants often find unfamiliar references to herbs when reading through ethnobotanical literature. Very
often, they are familiar with the plant but not with the name used in a given context. This book eliminates the time-consuming task to further research by providing 5400 scientific names cross- indexed to 41,000 common names of medicinal plants in a single source.

International in scope, this unique reference allows matching of scientific and common names through a comprehensive cross
index. The first volume is organized alphabetically by scientific name while Volumes II and III are a cross index by common name. Phylum, order, and family are also provided as well as the language of the common name which helps to identify its geographic location.  The fourth volume, published in 1999, expands the series to those plants used in Indian medicine.

The most comprehensive book of common names of medicinal plants available

Dr. Torkelson has collected information over the past 40 years, through his own research and world travels, to compile this
distinctive work. Other publications offer limited alternate names of plants while The Cross Name Index to Medicinal Plants
includes such diverse languages as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian, Latin and many
African, Philippine, and Indian dialects.

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